An intrepid adventure, full of high drama, challenging terrain, difficult weather conditions, and meagre provisions (breakfast only). The trip beyond Corin Forest was timed to avoid searing heat and patriotic fervour. Navigation proved difficult (conversing and traversing proved too much for some), but we all arrived safe and well – except for Jim. We listened carefully for the warble of the rare and prized Eastern grey-crested Robertso Jamesia Wattlebird, in vain. Episodes of Lost were re-enacted for the benefit of those who were unfamiliar with the anticipated unfolding terrain.
Square Rock circuit
Jenny attempting to discuss the route with Pip
Formal photo for identification purposes
The man on the far right was working undercover
The odd-numbered group split into pairs
The view was often vertical
...and sometimes horizontal
Jenny accusing Mike of knowing where to go next
‘More to the right’, said Necia
Well, that’s settled then...
Is it time for breakfast yet?
John also asks the same question
Just a few steps back, thanks...
Macro photography of rock formations
‘This rock is mine’, claims Pauline
‘And this rock is mine’, yells Mike
The man and his rock
Alex is happy that breakfast has arrived
John too busy eating to notice
Our mountain bivouac was comfortable enough
The view north (and Mike with his green socks)
Brian and Ivan went rock-hopping - here’s one now
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