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Part 3: Around Wilpena Pound and Flinders Range National Park
Leaving Parachilna, we took a scenic drive into Brachina Gorge and down to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges. We stayed two nights at the pound, and climbed St Mary's Peak, which was quite an adventure since we took the less-travelled South Face route (and this was no small undertaking). Finally got back to base after a 22km walk, which was hard, but fun. On the last day, we took almost every side road and track into look-outs, historic sites, cultural sites, and more to absorb what we could. It was fabulous.

[click for larger images/more detail, including latitude, longitude, elevation]

The empty train heading north again (each day)

Prairie Hotel signage was hard to miss!

4WD'ing into Brachina Gorge, south of Parachilna

Brachina Gorge

Pip searching for rock wallabies...

...whilst I photographed magnificent river red gums

Looking south to Wilpena, at Two Gums Lookout

More views of the Flinders Ranges, from the Bunyeroo Road trail

At Wilpena Pound Resort (with other 4WD wannabees)

On the epic trek to St Marys Peak

Here we climbed for a while...

...and here is where we almost turned back (it was hairy)

Finally on top, after discovering that there was an easy route up

Panoramic view south from St Marys Peak

Looking north to the peak itself

We found a new/old route through here...

...and here is a view that we hope we never see again!

In Wilpena Pound itself, walking back (22km)

Finally on the Pound Gap Track heading back to base

1280 solar cells provide 20-60% of Wilpena Pound Resort's power

Walking back from solar cells to road

Cazneaux Tree, first photographed in 1937

Our first gate! (enroute to Sacred Canyon)

Sacred Canyon

More of Sacred Canyon

A meeting place for aboriginals for many centuries

The rocks had a very different colour

You can just make out the rock carvings...

We kept walking up the gorge

More aboriginal carvings

Another type of rock, well-worn by water

Tree bark on a river gum

Count the emu chicks!

Shingleback lizard

Shingleback with very pink mouth and blue tongue!

A relief map of the Flinders Range, and Wilpena

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