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Part 4: North Flinders Range and the return journey
Still diverting off the beaten track at every opportunity, we gradually headed north to Blinman, on a road which was only recently sealed: though the creek crossings all suffered due to unusually heavy rain the week before. After staying overnight in Blinman, we tackled the 1500km road home by returning through Parachilna Gorge, down to Hawker, across to Burra, and arriving at Balranald for the night, staying in a charming motel on the edge of the Murrumbidgee. Next day was an easy trek back to the Hume Highway, stopping for a wonderful break in Bookham, and arriving back in Canberra well before nightfall!

[click for larger images/more detail, including latitude, longitude, elevation]

Off the Wilpena Road

The old cottage at Appealinna

The Appealinna Cultural Heritage site

The Great Wall of China

Unbelievable to see a luxury bus on the way to the lookout!

The bus made it to the lookout

Camels outside Blinman

The Blinman Hotel (or North Blinman Hotel, if you prefer)

The bitumen only came 9 months ago - rush hour in Blinman

Their world clock collection defies description

Back to see Parachilna Gorge once more

Supposedly not far from Blinman Pools, but we never found them

Magnificent country!

Every riverbed had vehicle tracks: seems like all 4WD'ers use riverbeds

Well-graded track just to side of riverbed

The mighty Murray at Overland Corner

Crossing the Murray at Mildura on our fast trek home

Gol Gol: the Murray once again

In a discrete rest area outside Euston, our tea break was interrupted by a bloke with a gun

Our first sight of the Murrumbidgee, at Balranald

Road works! We had to wait for an 'escort vehicle', which was exciting

A typical shot on the journey home, near Wakool (Hay Plain)

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