Perhaps you may have thought that this page would be full of interesting things? [Especially if you came from here.] My life certainly is, but when will I find time to broadcast it to the whole world?

I'm an engagement specialist at Airservices Australia, where I cater for aviation-related wedding parties and bridal showers. However, if you really believe that this is what I do, you read too much into job titles - and if you must know, Airservices has nothing to do with airline food. Pressing on here, I work in the area cryptically known as ATC Future Systems, where a team of us are planning a new air traffic control system for Australia. Loads of fun. But no weddings.

In a previous life as a consultant, I worked at Global Learning and you really should take a look at what we developed for collaborative meetings and decision-making, otherwise known as iMEET. I worked with a really nice bunch of people. And had fun, though it all had to come to an end when I developed a passion for aviation-related stuff. During my not so busy times - usually in the dead of night - I also designed a GPS interface for an iOS app (I understand if you think I've launched into a foreign language momentarily - normal service will be resumed shortly).

Prior to this I was a publishing guru of sorts, working with librarians (the devil that you know, etc). As part of my job, I designed, developed and maintained ALIAnet, but that was a long, long, long time ago.

One day you might be able to read all about my interests in Nordic skiing (I used to train instructors in my spare moments - was once my main occupation), kayaking, roller-blading, watching weird movies, bushwalking, photography, graphic designing and cartooning, computers as merely tools of creativity and knowledge rather than toys for the boys, cycling, good design, rafting, solar-passive housing, climbing, and other extravagant, self-centred, middle-class activities. And sailing. But it will all have to wait. I'm busy.

ski manual cover pic Skiing
I wrote a manual on Nordic skiing (okay, cross-country to most of you) following a stint at training instructors in Europe etc. Actually, the skiing thing was loads of fun. Recommend it to anyone. Must be warm-blooded to fully appreciate it though. Since I taught for many years (this equates to centuries in ski instructor terms), I got to be rather good at it, but in the end I grew up and got a respectable job that demanded a suit and tie and pleased my mother. However, if you are still interested, take this link to the Australian Nordic Ski Instructor's Manual.

I used to write quite a lot of stuff that appeared in one magazine or another (but this was a long, long time ago, so the people who now 'look after' this site might be out to lunch...).     © 9 April 2012