Ivan's movies and humour page ivan@itrundle.com.nospam [remove the '.nospam' from address] 

This is a collection of movies and images and other things that I have collected, with a general theme of mayhem and/or humour.
quadruplets.mov [4.6M] Quadruplets A real laugh - but parents will appreciate it more!
pipedream.mov [13.4M] Pipe dream A fabulous cgi rendition of some percussion. Brilliant!
classifieds/ [1.5M] Classified ads A sampling of some personal ads (and others).
phonebooth.mov [8.6M] Portable phonebooth I like the idea - and so portable, too. A performance worth watching.
skymower.wmv [5.0M] Flying lawnmower It's real, and amazingly good at flying. Not sure about cutting grass...
cars-n-cranes [549K] Cranes and trucks The luck of the Irish (well, possibly not).
balloon.html [3K] Balloon on a string... Absolutely mindless, and as fun as playing with bubblewrap.
difference1.html [~400K] Spot the difference test FInd out how acutely aware you are of differences in complex pictures.
dodge.html [14K] Try your mouse skills This will challenge most people. Javascript-capable browser required.
think.mpeg [248K] Simply, it's not what you think... Well, my daughter did ask 'Where is the belly button?' This should give you a hint.
fiat.mpg [667K] A cycling theme Selling Fiats. Look closely at the level of frustration on the driver's face.
insanity.html [72K] A test of your level of saneness Make sure that your speakers are turned on first.
martin.mpg [920K] For all true mountain cyclists Just stay away from park benches in crowded areas.
bridge.mpg [1811K] Racing against the elements You have to admire the gall of the spectator in question.
polo.html [86K] A 'car for sale' advert... Volkswagen Polo, one owner, extremely low mileage, only driven once a fortnight, never taken out of first or reverse gear...
bulmer.mpg [3150K] The CEO of Microsoft... You can see why Bill Gates decided to step down from the number 1 position - not a candle on Steve Bulmer.
accidenture.mp3 [945K] Accidenture A spoof on Accenture, the consulting company.