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Chapter 7: Yarrangobilly movies
Since we brought a media crew to this event, it was well documented from all directions. If this trend continues, we won't have to try to remember a thing, since we can replay it in full from any angle for a more complete picture.

The movies here have been scaled in height and width dimensions to fit on the page, but if you'd like to see them at full size, follow the link alongside each movie description. The QuickTime movies (in this format because they are much smaller in download size) range in size from 4 to 26 megabytes, so be warned if your bandwidth isn't brilliant. If you take the downloaded version, you also get controls over the playing of the movie.

However, there are some classic moments buried in here!

[DOUBLE-CLICK to make the movie run, and turn the sound UP to maximum volume!]

On arrival, the crack advance team ventured to the peak of a nearby summit in search of The Big Picture.
At breakfast, cornflakes were in abundance. This one was glued to the kitchen roof. The roof needs redecoration.
Just to prove that we did indeed go underground from time to time. Here we ventured into Jersey Cave.
Dinner on the Saturday night. Mike the cameraman is clearly envious of the placement of the wine collection.
Charades: Pip. Watch the master at work to pick up tips for next time. A well-tuned Geoff zeroes in on the answer.
Charades: Vicki. 'Not fair!' she cries. To be honest, the rest of the team were not exactly bubbling over with ideas.
Charades: Sue. We got better at short words, but had great trouble understanding Sue's staggering limp.
Charades: Necia. Again, Geoff proves that he can focus when needed. The team were now becoming familiar with the game.
Charades: Jenny. Plenty of distractions from the other team here, but it gave time for Jen to think things through.
Charades: Ivan. Possibly the worst interpretation of a word concept did not deceive Brian. A show of incredible telepathy at work.
Charades: Alex. How can we forget? With consummate ease, Alex dives right in, and we all had a whale of a time.
Ivan investigates the pool facilities whilst Mike scouts for lifeguards and resuscitation devices.

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